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Mighty Mite Custom Jeff Beck Neck?? Please help.


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  • Mighty Mite Custom Jeff Beck Neck?? Please help.

    I recently parted out a stratocaster to sell for a friend that had a Mighty Mite neck on it. I believe this neck to be a MM2910FCR. However, when I took the neck off, there was some odd writing on the heel. It seems to be a serial number of some kind along with "Fender Jeff Beck". The only thing that makes me think it came from the factory this way is the writing seems to be under the finish. I've already sent an email to Mighty Mite but I thought I'd post here too.Any info someone can provide would be helpful.



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    Is the neck like a baseball bat?

    The MM FCR necks are supposed to have a Floyd Rose nut shelf and a compound radius. Can we see the rest of the neck?
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