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NGD: Gibson SGJ!

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  • NGD: Gibson SGJ!

    I didn't want a Gibson - at all.  I was all but convinced that I was all Fender, all the time.  I went into the shop to check out a MIM '72RI Telecaster Custom - awesome guitar!  Perfect neck shape, but $800 for a MIM?!  When the AVRI is $1200?!  So I looked around and for some reason, a $600 SG grabbed my attention.  It was a new Gibson SGJ, in low gloss Chocolate Brown nitro, black tuning buttons/pickup covers/knobs.  Just sleek and stripped down.

    The neck is perfect for me

    a/c- EBMM Albert Lee SSS - Sky Blue- Kramer 'Wedge' aluminum neck - Red- Two-Rock Exo15 - Black/grey- Suhr Riot- Emperor 2x12/1x15 cabinet - Walnut/silver grille

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    A bit of a zombie thread revival, but I am sorely tempted by one of these models. I'm pretty much a Fender guy, but there is something about this particular SG that means I will have to try one out.


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