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  1. I like to plug my guitar into a tube amp and turn it all the way up. Drives the radio guys crazy
  2. Bloomberg is going to outlaw all unhealthy juices. There is only one most healthy juice and you must choose. Choose now. Choose here. Make known your choice.
  3. NYC bitch, marked since the dawn of time
  4. The thing I hate the most is CHEAP CABLES! This cheap cable I have the plug is loose, the shielding is OK and the solder joint is OK but the actual metal plug part is loose inside the plug. It sucks need just a short cable run and have to use a 20 ft cable because the one you have is cheap and sucks.
  5. What about stacking phasers? Does putting one phaser after another phaser make a deeper shift?
  6. Most of the Canadians I know have amazing record collections.
  7. Why they make so many pedals? Just the 1 with para eq is enough to cop any sound
  8. Who said I was a chick?
  9. wha is pretty ok. any wahs out there that function as a boost?
  10. you have to write it on your hand in BLUE ink
  11. NO other effects do it for me! ONLY OD and phaser from now on!
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