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Is there a way to attach .pdf files?


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  • Is there a way to attach .pdf files?

    Is there a way to attach .pdf files?



    Serious about playing but not much else.

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    Yikes!  there doesn't seem to be a way to just attach ,pdfs!   What a pain!   This is an experiment.   I uploaded a file to my web server and created a link to it.   Does it work?   

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    Thinking too much produces exactly the opposite of the intended outcome.


    • The Burninator
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      Jon, there's a typo in your link, it says "downstrioe" instead of "downstroke".
      (didn't mean to be a douche, thought you might like to know)

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    There sure is . . . . see the attached .pdf for the location of the "Attachment" controls.


    Jon, your link works.  Too bad that my browser doesn't use blue ink to identify it as a link.  The link shows as normal black ink in my browser but it still works as a link. There's just no obvious visual identification that it's anything other than plain text.


    Don't you guys have the "Attachments" object right below the "compose" field as shown on my pdf ??


    • Virgman
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      I don't see that attachments thing.

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    I've posted this as a question over at HC Office.  I'll let you know - once I find out what the issue is.




    • JonR
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      Just to add, I don't see an "Attachments" option either.

      As with Jed, links work but are not shown in different colour, and the underline only appears when I mouse over.

      I tried three browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome), same result with each (in both cases).


      I have to say I don't much like the redesign in general, but I  guess I'll get used to it... :mansad: