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What are you transcribing these days?


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  • What are you transcribing these days?

    Lately working on "That Road" by Jing Chi - Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, Vinnie Colliuta - heavy lineup. Good album too. Man Robben spits out tasty lines like nothing.

    If you aren't transcribing anything, maybe use this thread as a poke to go do so. It's SOOO important for your playing.

    So.... What you working on?
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    I've recently finished transcribing the main guitar themes from "Left handed octopus"


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    This one;


    Here's my previous effort;


    Guitar pro file: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/buckethead/spell_of_the_gypsies_guitar_pro_979817id_20082010d ate.htm


    • Yer Blues
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      Lately I was working on some stuff from Ozzy's Live and Loud with Zakk Wylde. Zakk gets crapped on a lot online, but his playing on that album was one of the first cds I had that really grabbed me.  So aggressive and the band is a definition of a power trio.  His playing on that album is really loose, yet tight (which I love) and of course the album is filled with great songs that were created over the course of Ozzy's career.

      Sometime it is fun to go back to stuff you listened to early on when your ear has improved and you get a refreshed take on things like a guys vibrato, picking technique, palm muting, and (of course) pinch harmonics. 

      I will eventually move on to another album before picking up everything "note for note", but it is still fun and worthwhile to pick up bits and pieces along the way.... I was focusing on getting the melodic solos to "Road to Nowhere" note for note.