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  1. I was happy to see any action in this forum - only to find out it was spam lol. Wahhhhh Wahh Wahhhhh!
  2. Yeah, I'm not disappointed about it. And let's not forget that drummer guy Steely Dan lol!! Oh, or the best jazz.funk/world bassist in Canada! No stress there knowing those ears are listening lol. Not to mention the stress of having Oz solo AFTER me... Better bring it lest you look stupid. Super fun, great guys. I'm happy with it
  3. Hey all, Just wanted to share what I have been working on during the COVID time. We keep discussing what we are doing so I thought I'd share. Hope you dig this little funk/fusion romp. Cheers!
  4. Very cool man, some world forms of music stuff are just so heavy, usually time signature wise. Totally comfortable for them for odd for us. Great to get out of our North American heads sometimes
  5. How about now? It's odd because I see it on my end so I am flying blind
  6. Quite a few gifts in this ... in and among the wreckage. Be weird to see what the live music scene will be after...
  7. I really quite like the on screen playback options and tools. Seems well laid out by someone who actually plays. Nice and logical
  8. Yeah Jer, this is so heavy! Couldn't agree more : )
  9. Over the years I have bought a couple of the Truefire courses and honestly, I think they are really good. If only I was as good a student as they were organized lol! Working through the Tim Miller arpeggios one and it's very well presented. Just wondering if you guys dig them or not. Cheers all!
  10. Every once in a while, I feel like my practice routine is in free-fall. When this happens, I try to develop some sort of system, to make sure I am checking all the boxes. Problem is - I also hate being stuck inside a routine. So this week, I tried something new - with some nice progress. I did exactly what I said above "checking all the boxes". I took a piece of paper and wrote down a bunch of the items I wanted to catch up on - or at least things I felt I should incorporate in my weekly practice. Here is what I built: So each vertical column represents one practice day. When I practice, as I get bored of whatever I am doing - I check it off and pick something else. Check it off and on I go. When I run out of columns I will draw up a new sheet and start all over again adjusting as I go. It has created some nice momentum for me and I am feeling more balanced in my practice. If you are floating, give this a try. When you are feeling dry, a systematic approach can be just the ticket.
  11. Keep your head up brother, in all ways not just guitar! In my life I have found that often when I am struggling the most, or seem to be getting the least traction it is almost always followed by a jump in progress. Provided you keep doing the work - again, not just in guitar but in life.
  12. Love Wes man, he's amazing. So many great lines, so little time lol. I went on a Grant Green trip for a bit. That was pretty enlightening and really made me realize how generally terrible I am at jazz!
  13. Any of you as hooked on these as me? Damn these guys are absolutely killing stuff up
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