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  1. Hey all, Hope everybody is going great! Been busy at it, finished a new song with one of my absolute heroes Robben Ford. Will Lee on Bass and Keith Carlock are killing it as usual. It's a fun funk groove so check it out. Hope you like!
  2. Hey all, Just released a new track with one of my all time heroes on the bass! Such an honour and such a nice dude. Let me know if you guys dig it
  3. I totally forgot about that old Foxx fuzz! That's a name I haven't heard in a long while. Not that I am 60's old - but I remember jamming with a guy who had one once (I hated it lol!). Although I was a bit young and it just sounded like a crappy amp lol.
  4. No man, I agree. Gear acquired at the right time can give you a nice bump in motivation. Problem some people have is they keep doing it and it becomes a distraction from what they should really be doing = practice! I just actually reworked my rig a bit to setup a stereo thing with a Kemper Profiler at the heart of it. I got some Headrush FRFR cabinets and honestly I am really enjoying it. Glad to hear you are pumped. Let us know what you got and your feedback on them
  5. Hey all, Just finished a new tune with a pretty stellar lineup. Love to hear your feedback on it. Happy New year all!
  6. The virus has put a stop to a LOT of cool things... Hopefully that will be over soon
  7. Thanks man, would LOVE to get to TOKYO man! Yes some day for sure. Would love to jam with Mark but he is all the way over in California (I believe). Quite far from me anyway. Love Mark's work and he is a truly excellent instructor
  8. Hey all, As we near the end of this bloody awful year and possibly COVID in general (Come on vaccines!) how has it been for your playing? Personally it has been a fantastic period of growth for me. The increase in downtime has definitely allowed me more time to focus on various holes in the boat. How about you all?
  9. The thing with writing is there is absolutely no 'way' that works every time. There is truly no process as everything I have ever been a part of has a different birthing process. Not much help I know lol! Something I have tried with decent success when the songs starts with a riff is: Record the riff played in time for as many repeats as seems 'right'. Record it to a metronome or drum pattern. Then after you play the riff leave a bar of empty space with only the metronome or the drum pattern. Loop the whole thing a bunch of times. Then listen back and ask yourself - what would you expect would come next? What are you hearing in the blank spot? Then grab a guitar and try to insert the next section. This usually gets me moving. Another thing when I am really stuck, is I do the above process to failure... Then I hit YouTube or Spotify and just click on some random songs to hear some different approaches. I never intentionally copy something - that's not what I am sating, the goal here is to just get out of my own head and clear the pipes by listening to how other people have handled it. 9 times out of 10 this approach gets me back moving again. Try it and let me know how you do.
  10. Thank brother. Yeah Keith is an absolute beast. Literally one of the very best on the planet.
  11. Hey guys, Been busy working on a mother new release. Really fun one, check it out. Would love to hear your comments etc.
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