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  • Way to practice chords

    Of course a great way to practice chords is in a song.

    But if you want to get a bit concentrated in your practice and drill them in a good way here is a method.

    I'm attaching key-chord charts (got them off Google).

    To practice using the charts set your metronome at what ever is a comfortable speed and strum each chord in the chart. Go right to left, left to right, up, down, diagonal, whatever. Do the chords in sequence one after the other. All keys. Switch from chord to chord in rhythm.

    You can also arpeggiate the chords. You can make the chords 7th chords. Play extensions if you like.

    It's a good drill and helps your chord playing.

    Have fun!
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    There is a better way still - use a chord sequencer tool and make any chord progression you want, than look at the guitar scales or guitar arpeggio images (preferebly on a fretboard) and practice to your heart content...