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Do You Bring Spare Tubes To Your Gigs?


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  • Do You Bring Spare Tubes To Your Gigs?

    We were packing up after a gig today and I mentioned my spare tubes. I carry a complete replacement set. (I also have a Magnum 44 amp pedal as back up as well.) The bass player (very experienced and a master guitar player) says not only does he not bring spare tubes, he has never heard of anyone bringing spare tubes to a gig...ever. He and the drummer then cracked some jokes about me being OCD.

    I gained redemption in the next minute... The gig we were played is a resort and the only gas station in the area had run out of gas. The same bass player said he was completely empty and didn't have enough gas to make it to the next gas station.

    I said I always carry spare gas in a gas can. Doesn't everyone? I gave him enough gas to get him back.

    So am I the only one who carries spare tubes (and gas) or am I OCD?




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    no tubes, no gas

    also no strings

    just a couple of extra picks

    for over 30 years and no problem so far


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      OCD pedals suck. They make want to wash my hands over and over and over...check to see if the stove is off...wash hands...check stove...hands...stove...stove..stove stove...hands...stove....

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       family oriented detal stuctures



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      i usually bring a couple spare tubes, i can always switch the 50% power if a power tube goes on me and preamp tubes are easy to switch out