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Some clarification in regards to the Fulltone Ultimate Octave vs Octafuzz?


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  • Some clarification in regards to the Fulltone Ultimate Octave vs Octafuzz?

    I was under the impression that the Octafuzz was based on the Tycobrahe Octavia while the Ultimate Octave was based on the Foxx Tone Machine. However, now that I've been reading a bit more about the Ultimate Octave it seems there is some information saying it's really just a decked out Octavia. Can anyone provide any insight here?
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    octafuzz sounds good I can tell you that much, I've always liked mine.


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      I heard it was a clone of the foxx as well. Sounds like it but I can't confirm.
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        I always thought the Ultimate Octave was a Foxx too. Sounded exactly like my Way Huge Foot Pig
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