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Tele/Strat Abomination - HB sized Pickup recommendations/Thoughts?

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  • Tele/Strat Abomination - HB sized Pickup recommendations/Thoughts?

    so down $0 for what you see here...

    im hoping to spend as little as necessary, as this will be solely a "beater" guitar.

    im also thinking for going for pickups i dont already have in my boring standard collection(PRS,LP,Strat,Tele,Ibby Shredder)

    currently looking at GFS pickups...namely -

    Dream 180

    Liverpool/Nashville etc

    Dream 90

    Mean 90
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    Get a used JB and wire it up with a coil split toggle.
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      already have JBs...


      got these incoming. no idea what brand ...just like the look and the price was cheapo.

      prob just buckers with fancy covers, but we shall see...

      tron looking hb

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