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used MXR Classic 108 Fuzz VERY bright


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  • used MXR Classic 108 Fuzz VERY bright

    so I just got a used mxr 108 fuzz and I put it after my polytune and droptune which are both true bypass and the fuzz just has this thin raspy fizzy awful sound when kicked on with or without the buffer switch on.. is it busted inside or is there something I'm missing here

    I just want that thick sputtery fuzz

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    Try dialing back the volume on your guitar first


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      Place it before the Droptune. The Droptune has a buffer in it and, whether engaged or bypassed, this converts your guitar signal so that it is "low impedance". Such a conversion allows your signal to withstand cable capacitance and remain bright despite long cable runs, but will mess with Fuzz Faces (i.e. the Classic 108) when placed before them in the signal chain. Place the MXR first in your chain, keep the "Buffer" switch off, and you should get a fairly thick, rich fuzz sound.



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        thanks , I will have to rearrange everything but I will give it a shot!