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Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai SETTINGS?


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  • Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai SETTINGS?

    Share your favorite settings, tips and tricks here!

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    RODHA sludge, metal, hc


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      Yeah bump that thread, there were some settings posted on the last page by me and others and It'd be great to continue that.
      Good People


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        Why should we have to go dumpster diving through 27 pages of random BS and 12 other threads unrelated to the subject of this one to find different settings for the pedal? oke:

        Nevertheless that thread is quite useful...

        I'll be getting the pedal on friday probably, I just ordered it.
        I'll post mine once I have it figured out.

        Thanks guys.


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          Chorus only:
          Hazarai=300 mS + Mod

          Flanger only:
          Hazarai=300 mS + Mod

          Pseudo Bit Crusher/Ring Mod:
          Hazarai=Reverse Echo


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            Im lookin for the reverb setting someone posted not too long ago. I spun a couple of knobs the wrong way, now I'm lost!
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              Im lookin for the reverb setting someone posted not too long ago. I spun a couple of knobs the wrong way, now I'm lost!

              1 second echo mode, short delay, high decay


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                Some presets I dug up from another thread...

                From ChuckNorris1982,
                "I just tweaked my multi 1 sec + reverse preset to sound a little more analogue. This, I think is going to be my main mode now I figured out you can use tap tempo.

                Blend - 10 O clock
                Decay - 10 O clock
                Filter - 11 O clock
                Repeats - 10.30
                Delay - Not sure as I tapped it in, but it's around 450 milliseconds

                It's nothing fancy, just a nice warm straight delay I can use for clean post rock type stuff."

                From Miggy01,
                "Reverse Echo-
                1 30, 1 30, 1 30, 3, 8

                I don't really know what to do with it yet though

                Echo- 3 sec

                10-11, all the way to the left, 12, all the way to the left, 9 30
                that's a nice usable one.

                300ms with mod

                3, all right, all right, 9, all left
                12, all right, 1 30 ish, 1 30 ish, 9
                those are good for Mars Volta type noise"


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                  Cheers to -Anti- who just hooked me up with a bunch of cool presets

                  "All settings are clock times.

                  Ambient Delay;

                  1 sec mode

                  Blend; 10:30, Decay; 30, Filter; 11-120, Repeats; 120, Delay Time; 120

                  This gives an excellent, washy sounding ambient delay. I have it saved as a preset.

                  Straight Analog-sounding Delay;

                  3 sec Mode

                  Blend; 10:30, Decay; 90, Filter; 11-120, Repeats 10-120. Delay Time; 10-120

                  This will give a pretty analog-sounding longer delay. You can tweak the repeats and delay time to suit what you want. Remember - the 3 second mode takes delay up to 3 seconds, which is a bit long for most uses.


                  300ms+mod mode

                  Blend; Max, Decay; 10-110, Filter; 120, repeats; 9-110, Delay time; Min

                  This gives a great sounding chorus. Turn up the Decay and repeats to get a flanger setting. If the repeats go past 30 it WILL begin to oscillate in all sorts of crazy ways. I personally really like it, but you need to be careful with it because it hits some pretty insane frequencies. The manual says it can actually damage speakers if you aren't careful."


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                    I really only have one special preset on mine, it's on the reverse mode and it keeps repeating what you play for a long time, reversing all the notes of course, but it's a preset and I have no clue anymore what the settings are.

                    And maybe this thread should know : the tap tempo is ALWAYS usable, even if the manual says it isn't. In 1sec+rev it's usable, while looping it's usable in the other modes. And you can get longer than 300 ms delay out of the 300 ms+mod mode (up to 600 ms or something) by tapping it in instead of turning the delay knob.

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                      Well I've been having a lot of fun with the pedal.., I got it on friday. I am suprised it is so... flangey. and I wish the loop didn't lose quality and I wish it had the ability to undo. I also wish I could save more than 1 preset per mode... All in all though, it's a great pedal and I've been having a blast with it, it's a great value. I get pretty good reverb, chorus, flange, echo, and a looper... and some wacked out sounds too. I've yet to discover everything the pedal has to offer, and I am far from mastering the knobs with my toes... but I'll keep practicing.


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                        This is certainly worth testing if you haven't done it already. check out the site of electro harmonix, lots to discover there.