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UK folks - reverse price check on a rare Marshall cab

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  • UK folks - reverse price check on a rare Marshall cab


    I've got my hands on a vintage Marshall 2038, that's an oversized 4x10 cab (well, basically the size of a 4x12), made only in 1972, with Greenbacks and everything. Anyway, it turned out too big for my small dorm room, so I've decided to sell it.

    The problem is that I'm in the UK only since september and I don't really know the normal prices for stuff like that, back home even the MG series heads go for at least 300 quid, and here they are much cheaper.

    So, what is a good price for it?

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    I have a buyer for you, we'll wait to see what prices are advised though since I haven't a clue but this is right up a friend of mine's street.
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      Between 400 and 600 depending on condition.


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