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Quick question about amp hum/ground loops/daisy chain


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  • Quick question about amp hum/ground loops/daisy chain

    I'm powering my fx loop pedals as well as my pedals before the amp with the same power supply, causing a decent hum noise. If I kept the fx loop pedals daisy chained together, but powered the pedals in front of the amp with 9volt batteries would that eliminate this?

    I know I need to get a voodoo labs power supply but I need a way to fix it until I can pick one up


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    Maybe. But even with using batteries in front, you still have two separate power supplies, and the ground loop could be there. Or you may not have a ground loop at all. Some pedals just refuse to play nice and create noise when daisy-chained, no matter what. I would start by removing *one* pedal at a time from your present set-up to determine if it is indeed an individual pedal causing the hum.


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      Before i ran my delays and reverbs in my fx loop, and just ran everything through the front of the amp with all the same power supply i didnt get any hum at all. I'll try a few different things and see what works best