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OT: what should I do with mementos?


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  • OT: what should I do with mementos?

    Early this AM I was cleaning out a bureau drawer and saw in a tupperware full of foreign coins a little original sketch by the late Bill Doss.  It's cute and artistic (in line with the OTC's album art), and I suspect of little value to any other than fans.

    I have a house full of stuff like that -- a Steve Keene painting from Matador, a Pavement nightlight, Flying Nun Records pen with a woman whose bathing suit disappears when you turn it upside down ... not to mention literally hundreds of demo tapes of bands obscure and semi-obscure.

    Now it's in my garage, and sits like the ****************ing obelisk from 2001 ... not doing much, but in the way.

    I don't want to throw it all away, and I do not want to catalog it all.  As far as I know, there sure isn't any "Indie Rock Hall of Fame" and really, who gives a **************** about a tour-only Stereolab 7" except for some sad, stripe-shirted grad-school dropout? 

    I know Curtis from TAANG! made quit a bit of cash from selling 7" on eBay, and I could do that with the vinyl I guess, but I'd rather figure out if there is some way to just offload it all at once. 

    Any ideas?


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    yep, eBay. 

    eBay is meant for belongings that owners think shouldnt be thrown away but noone else wants at any price.



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      So, what do you think about this approach ...

      1. Tchotchkes set aside; short list to keep for me. 

      2. Sell vintage vinyl (about 3,000 pieces, some rare/discontinued/special Kozik promo art versions etc.) on the Bay.  Tchotchkes go into orders as goodwill/fun for buyers.

      3. The demo tapes ... I have no frigging idea.  There's stuff on there I know people would want to hear (and they get grabby when they see the box), but I really don't want to be the person who moves them to digital.  Is there a business that does it in bulk for a reasonable fee?


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    Put them in a Diet Coke bottle and watch it explode.

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      phase 1. take pictures

      phase 2. ?

      phase 3. profit

      " "