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Any experience with The Mad Ape?

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  • Any experience with The Mad Ape?

    I ordered some pickups from The Mad Ape on Thursday at 3pm CST, or 1pm PST. As of right now, the order is still processing. WTF?

    I emailed them this morning, but no reply. So I'm just wondering if they always have such wonderful service?

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    Maybe they were out of stock and had to order some more in?
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      When I ordered it said: Availability: In Stock

      Now it says: Availability: Usually ships in 2 to 3 business days

      Wonder if they sold the in stock pickups and I ordered before the website updated. Weird.

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    ****************in' spammers man.
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      TomVanDeven wrote:
      ****************in' spammers man.

      Werd, there was this guy with a Mario Frogsuit avatar with links to his lame band in his sig.

      Sounded windows 95 midi music.


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    You could always try calling them. Their phone number is on their website:


    I went to their store last year. It's very small, and there's only a few people who work there. They were really helpful, down-to-earth guys.

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      That happened to me a couple of years ago when I ordered a Godlyke PowerAll. I contacted them after a week and they told me that they were actually out of stock. But, they upgraded me from the basic PowerAll to the PowerAll Plus (without me asking) for free and sent it right out. So, I'd buy from them again. You might just have to follow up with them on the phone.