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best od or boost to get a high gain sound?


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  • best od or boost to get a high gain sound?

    i need a really good od or boost to push my jca22h for a high gain brutal sound... any suggestions?

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    How much do you want to spend?
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      for what, tight death metal? grind? doom/stoner/sludge?

      elements covers a lot as far as i know, check it out.

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    Didn't we already have this exact same thread?
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      ChuckNorris1982 wrote:
      Didn't we already have this exact same thread?

      every day.

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    Distortion doesnt seem to be something you wanna push an amp to, imo.at least not heavy heavy metal. Seems guys usually use an amp designed for that sound. Like a rectifier or blackstar. I guess what i mean is a jcm 800 does balls but not pantera heavy. Putting a pedal metalzone in front to push the tubes results in mud, and a hard od will just make it a heavier overdrive. And yes, i realize tons of early metal was done on marahalls, but if we're talking modern distortion sound, pushing tubes on an amp designed for hard rock or less is like putting tartar sauce on a big mac and hoping it tastes like a long john silver's specia. I would suggest setting your amp on clean and use an EHX metal muff paired with an eq. Some of the nastiest distortion achievable.