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line 6 pod hd300 vs mesa v twin


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  • line 6 pod hd300 vs mesa v twin

         I want to run one of these straight into the effects loop of my 6505+ to get a better clean tone. not a kinda distorted clean, more like a fender clean, though i won't be extreemly picky. i could get ok cleans out of my 6505+ but then i sacrifice using the rhythm channel as a bluesy somewhat distorted sound (which i think it does quite well actually), and i'm not using a low gain v1 tube because the lead channel looses balls, it sounds to compressed that way. so do you guys think the line 6 or mesa would do better for this? is the mesa v twin a really good pre amp for clean tones or is it more of an overdrive pedal?

         The line 6 effects would be a bonus, and well... everything the line 6 does is a bonus... BUT at this point i'm really just concerned with the ability to do really pretty clean tones out of one of these units. i know i should just try them but where do you find a mesa v twin haha. also my cabinet has 2 swamp thangs and 2 governors, i plugged in a line 6 spider to this cabinet and really liked the cleans so i'm not going to worry about my cabinet at all. this is the point where i stopped saying the 6505+ cleans aren't as bad as people say, because the line 6 cleans kicked it's ass. (but the 6505 is WAY better for the broken up sound)

    Sorry for the long post...

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    I can tell you i had a hell of a time dealing with hum and tone suck trying to integrate my pod xt pro into my 5150. Seemed like everything i tried (4CM, effects return) there was always something just not quite right. An internet search revealed alot of folks having trouble with the 5150 loop and noise.


    I ended up getting a separate power amp for the pod, so i now just use an a/b switch for the 5150 and pod. Which actually works out great, because i can use the pod for any tone, but still have the pure 5150 signal for distortion.

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      i plugged in a bass amp (behringer bxl3000 is the name i think) through the effects loop and it was way loud. after a while i moved the cables and the noise turned way down. the cable hated being ran above the head. but it was still really loud after that... i think it's because the amps a master volume and the pre gain is what controlls the effects loop volume. i had to have the pre gain volume all the way down cause i wasn't playing loud, with it that low i'd think i'm bound to get noise it's supposed to be probably half way up. and when i plug my guitar straight into the effects loop there isn't noise. kind of non conclusive but i'm thinking my effects loop will be fine as long as i keep the cable in the right spot. and if the floor pedal has low noise. if the noise of the pedal turns down with the pedal volume i should be good, otherwise it will probably be really noisy when i play quiet. i dunno... if i have to use a different amp for cleans i'll just use my line 6 2x12 and a a/b switch but that's way more weight then a pedal lol. a half stack takes up enough space as it is.

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    The Mesa V-Twin is a great pedal, you could use it as a preamp (bypass the whole Peavey and plug it into the line in/effect in if you have one) or like a plain dist box.
    Then you can have all your channels from the amp, plus 2 from the pedal.

    I would use the line 6 via effect loop, disable all the amp/cab sims and use only the effects.
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