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Hardwire Supernatural Reverb... Do you have one?

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  • Hardwire Supernatural Reverb... Do you have one?

    If so... What do you think about it? How realistically usable do you think it is?


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    Belt wrote:

    If so... What do you think about it? How realistically usable do you think it is?



    It's a great pedal. It's as realistic as any other reverb pedal out there, lol. Not sure what you mean by that. Half the modes are traditional (hall, plate, spring) and half are geared more towards ambient users (which I'm not) but even still, they're very usable. But if you want to make them 100% wet and go toward that extreme direction you can. Or you can use the Spring or Plate settings and just add a touch of reverb to everything, which is how I often use it. Having stereo ins/outs is a real bonus too. Probably my favorite reverb pedal I've owned.


    • Belt
      Belt commented
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      Thanks for the input. I'm not a fan of tinny sounding reverbs. I might could've left that out of the question. I've had a couple reverbs that didn't blend well or would sound thin through it's decay.

    • spoonie g
      spoonie g commented
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      had one. the hardwire reverbs are good indeed.

      whereas most digital reverbs tend to be on the "sharp" side of dynamics, the hardwires are much more on the "soft" side, if that makes any sense.

      i eventually went to a red panda context. just worked out better for me.