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  • Favorite sounds



    The guitar @ 6:13


    The breathy bass @ :32


    Pretty much all the drums on this... but :21 


    This whole thing: 5:21 for drama.


    the moog @ 2:49


    favorite epiphany 3:18


    Or just leave this on... all epiphany. 

    Wait... off topic... um... the strains of Dark Star>St. Stephen. Yeah, that sound. Or Pigpen...Without a warning. Basically as long as Phil or Bob aren't singing. Sorry.


    The vocal at around 4:39 into the next lyric, which is so...


    Or this voice

    Or this voice: note the grittiness at the end of the song: 5:17 for contrast

    Or this voice


    EDIT: how dare I forget this. Everything.


    And that is what I felt like saying.




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    I have an old Silvertone 1485 head whose reverb has long since crapped out. Those Dano reverbs (piezo-powered, iirc) are universally panned as trash. BUT while it was slowly in the process of failing, it could do that swell-verb x1000 . If I reigned in the Depth, I could nail that sound in a heartbeat. But if I dimed the depth and turned the volume to zero ( 0 !! ) then I'd get a slowrushing, gushing, feedback on steroids-version of that sound that would crash the amp at incredible volumes.

    Too bad the thing crapped out. That thing made a sound that I've not hard mimic'd in any pedal, any where.



    That sounds suspiciously like a 32 foot Diapason pedal.


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      Oooooooooh cool. Never even had a clue on #1. Thank you. 

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    I love the sound of everything on this album, but the drums in particular are always a reference point for how I like drums to sound--BIG.


    And this album slays me.  The bridge at 3:32 is so damn beautiful.



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