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  1. It's been 20 years and I still haven't come down. When is that supposed to happen?
  2. Anything to enhance your trip, brother. I promise not to wave glowsticks in your face and stare into your eyes gleefully as if I had some sort of.mind control powers over you. Not that I speak from the receiving end of that exact type of experience(d)?
  3. My partner in crime plays a Roland Handsonic and effects. I play effects and process him. Together we make æther generator. I love playing in this duo. I have been posting videos for thirteen days straight (with many more coming.) They are remarkably unviewed. Just wanted to share with the forum for completely selfish reasons. Hope you like it. Here's the youtube playlist: Anyway, I love effects.
  4. Alesis ModFX Phlngr. Flanger does stereo (contrary, async), does Through Zero, patterns, and my favorite, triggered flanging.
  5. My friend and partner in crime Steve was over: asked him to try out the Sputterbox with his Handsonic. The increase in pitch happens because of his playing... I'm not really tweaking anything (except at the end I turn the input volume up & down)...
  6. Thank you sir. I used the most boring drums I had for this demo. This thing sings best with hats, cymbals, toms and big fat bass. It tracks pitch on some of the PLL signals (mainly 3 & 4 without the oscillator) so I can't imagine guitar will sound spectacular, but synths are super fun with it. I played with my pal and partner in crime yesterday and ran his handsonic through it (in our duo I really just exist as an effects tweaker to his drums) and it truly was an effect version of a 303. Then I shifted to the 4th PLL and I was in "Pole" type static heaven. I didn't really realize at the time that it was still mixing in the dry signal from the mixer a bit. Normally there isn't a dry signal unless I push the button on the back. Upon inspection I realize I had a wire crossed. Oops. Will fix. Want to sell. No understanding of PCB printing yet. Yet. Thanks dude.
  7. How long have I been working on prototypes of this pedal? Years have passed... Recently I have been at the workbench for four months straight: rarely playing with my other toys, not going out, just... fine tuning. Late, late nights. Time to share... Not spam: not for sale. I still can't get past the hurdle of CAD or PCB. Just want to share the insanity.
  8. Ahhh. My signature is all f'd up. Feel the wrath of my screwed up code!
  9. Bet it sounds good cuddled up to a Superego. As always, I want to hear what pedals like this do to a bass and a drum machine.
  10. Bieke is the best thing on this site.
  11. Get a stereo mixer. If all the effects are not on in series, split the original signal with a patchbay and mix them with faders. Parallel mixing is pretty awesome and underused. If they must be in sequence, use all the L mono ins and outs and mix to the board, then take the R stereo out to the mixer from each effect and pan. I can't stand mono in, stereo out on pedals. So limiting.
  12. Thank you Puretube and Bieke. You are the good guys who satisfy my desire for gear porn.
  13. soma.fm Specifically... cliqhop best electronica on the planet. nothing fresher.
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