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hey, is the digitech timebender still good?


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  • hey, is the digitech timebender still good?

    just wondering. 


    to make a long story short i had to sell my ehx smmh while in some financial hardship and planned to replace it when things were going better which they now are. 


    but i was always interested in the digitech timebender and now it seems to go for $200ish new around here, not sure if they're just getting rid of them but that seems like a nice price. 


    anyone own one and think it's a good all around delay pedal? can it do those volume swelling delays like the smmh? is it one of those do everything delays that you'd be happy with if you had an analog delay also kind of thing?


    i haven't bought a pedal in quite a while so i'm looking for some encouragement here btw. tell me it's good unless it sucks in some way ok?

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    It's really good.


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