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  1. Phil, with all due respect, were you not the moderator of this forum back on St Patricks day in 2007? Is this post not your fault for still existing? What were you doing that day and where did you go and who did you come into contact with?
  2. So would a cab-simulator pedal type thing work? I'd be fine just getting a cheap SS practice amp, but from what I've read they don't sound great through phones. Right now I load up Cubase and plug my pedals into my Tascam USB interface and use the Cubase amp/cab sims, and it doesn't sound great, but it's ok'ish, just a bother to set-up when I just want to play for a little bit at night. I really only care about getting a decent sound from guitar to pedal board to headphones and if that was possible with one device especially a small form factor thing that would be ideal. Like what about the Hotone cab sim pedal, it has headphone out jack, would that be about the same as going into my pc software or a practice amp like a roland cube or boss katana etc? Thanks for the help
  3. I'd like to play guitar late at night listening on headphones, and also use my pedals without going into my PC if possible. What is the best/cheapest solution to that? Thanks and merry Christmas everyone!
  4. https://www.retro-sonic.com/flanger Apparently this is about as close as you can get for not TOO much money. I hope to get one myself soon.
  5. Yeah I do. Not sure if I'll be able to get them to post though but I'll try. Basically I bought a used Dot from my local Long & McQuade. I've been looking for a semi-hollow for like 10 years, used to have a Peerless made Casino that was amazing but had to sell when I was in a bind in my late 20's (time has FLOWN eh?). For some reason this Dot just caught my attention. Didn't have a price on it but it was in really great shape, played great acoustically, took it to the counter and asked how much (they go for $550 new in Canada) and he says "how about $335?". Sold! Nice guitar, but I knew I was gonna put new pickups in it. Ended up putting in Klein Epic 58 PAF both 6.9k, a Schaller roller bridge (which is amazing btw) and Creamtone 50's spec wiring harness with bumblebees or whatever and a new nut and setup from a local guy (not totally happy with that) and also a Bigsby. Did the pickups, wiring and bigsby myself. Not fun trying to put new wiring into a 335! I think getting another set-up from someone better would make the guitar perfect as far as playability. But as is right now it plays decently but not quite where I'd like it, yet it sounds incredible. I had no idea the kind of tone low-output PAFs delivered, just incredible sounding! https://imgur.com/o2F3tNf
  6. Hey guys. Haven't posted in a while. I'm still playing but not as often as I used to, but when I do I have a blast. Stopped coming here because there's so little posts. It used to be crazy here! I lurk at TGP, don't post much. I'm still getting pedals here and there but just stuff I know I want to keep for good. There's only a couple of pedals I'd like to get. Still playing a 1979 FDR, went back to the stock speaker after having some Weber's in there for years. Still play a MIJ Jaguar. Got a Epi Dot really cheap and put $500 low output PAFs (6.9k) and a 50's spec wiring harness in it and it sounds incredible, really brought a new level of tone to me that I didn't even know I was missing and made everything fun and new again. Hope everyone's good and have a good Christmas
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