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A short film we did for the 48hr Film Competition


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  • A short film we did for the 48hr Film Competition

    Hey guys,


    Just wanted to share a short film we just completed last month.

    The 48hr film competitions are in every city, pretty much, at random weekends throughout the year.


    The deal is usually teams register and show up friday night at 7pm and have to turn in a completed 4-7 minute short film Sunday at 7pm.


    On friday you all draw a genre out of a hat and every film,regardles of genre, has to at least have the same character.


    We drew zombie movie

    the prop was a cupcake

    the character was abe or abby tuesday, a tour guide.

    the line of dialogue was "I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine."


    I hate zombie movies, I think they're just really played out right now and this was probably my least wanted genre, but I'm happy with how it turned out.


    Let me know what you guys think, like it, comment on it, share it, do whatever yall feel like doing.



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    Hey, not bad. Pretty imaginative. I think it could be alot tighter. I think the opening would have been alot stronger condensed to half its length. The actress was bad (though it may have been less her and more her generic clunky lines), so I would have cut her intro scene down to maybe a line or two, or maybe just a silent scene with music. The payoff was also kind of clunky. But overall, loads of production value and quality for 48 hours.


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      Editing a comment

      Hell yeah man, thanks.


      I really respect your position and opinion on any video aspects, so your overall approval means a lot.


      I agree about the beginning. We just needed to try and establish this universe and I think we over thought it.
       That and all the man on the street type interviews were just random people in Baltimore, so we really got attached to those pretty quick. They're hilarious.


      The actress is my girlfriend, she has no acting experience and was thrown in at the last minute. She did great, or at least a lot better than i expected based on her personality. I was the lead in this.


      Definitely a fun project, and I'm happy we got zombie on this side of the competition.


      It screened really well, i'll keep this updated if we move on