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  • pedalboard setup

    1. power supply choice. I know i won't be able to power that M5 with a power supply. I will have power strip and use an individual power chord. Now I have Moen Iso-8 and BBE supa charger on the list.

    this is a moen one and if it is fully isolated, looks like a pretty good deal to me. 
    like I will be able to couple that 2 350mA ones together and power M5 and whatnot. And still i will have 6 more outputs to power others. Even more assuming that i will group 2 OD pedals in one hole. 

    What do you guys think? 

    2. So about that power strip for M5. Would i be able to get a power strip (maybe like 3 or 4 plug one) that is small enough to be attached underneath the PT JR?

    3. I will need a set of patch cables. I was thinking of getting a solder-less DIYT kit. 
    Maybe George L's

    or Planet Waves kit sound great.

    it's even cheaper. What do you guys think?

    4. People these days fight to have the least amount of tone loss as possible. 
    Buffer appears to be one of the ways. But Loop-Master guy sent me an email that if I leave at least one pedal turned on buffer may be an overkill. Is it true? If not, according to the picture of my pedalboard where would be the best place for a buffer can be placed? 
    Also in that case, apparently VS comp has a pure tone buffer in it. will that serve as a great buffer so i don't have to have one

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    I use a Voodoo Labs pedal power and it works great so I don't have an opinion on the power units. I tried the George L's solder-less cables but I found them to be slightly unreliable. Most of them would last, and even the ones that failed sometimes would be good for over a year. But one failure during a gig is too much for me.

    I don't sweat all that tone loss stuff either. I've got fancy guitars at one end and two Mesa amps (I go stereo) at the other. If you think the pedals make your sound a little muddy just tweak up your treble at the other end.