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Kustom Defender 5W Tube Amp


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  • Kustom Defender 5W Tube Amp

    What is up with these things? Are they anygood?

    Upon hearing this, the master was enlightened

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    Looks like a cheaply buil Epi Valve clone. If it sounds as bland as the Epi I would pass. Put your money towards a tweed Champ clone or one of those VHT Special 6 amps that are supposedly based off a Champ.
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    • morrisonic
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      i picked one up last month. class A tube amp for $100, hard to go wrong.  tubes take time to warm up, tone reminds me of Fender Champ (which usually can't be touched for under $400 these days).  surprisingly loud, incredibly basic.  good for garage rock, blues, dirty rock and roll.  takes an overdrive nicely, modulating effects seem to overpower the tone.  try before you buy.

    • Danhedonia
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      ispunk wrote: VHT Special 6 amps that are supposedly based off a Champ.

      Wot wot wot?

      ... one going for $80 on CL around here.  If I don't wind up dead in the desert, might have to find out for myself.  Please share all you know.