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Questions about Silverface Twin mods

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  • Questions about Silverface Twin mods

    Just Bought a 73 Twin in pristine condition. Having so much clean headroom in a small space seems to be the challenge now. I read that by pulling the middle two 6l6's and disabling one speaker on a blackface, this will effectively drop the power to 40 -50 watts while having an impedance of 8 ohms on the one speaker.

    Does it matter what speaker is dropped out, and I assume this works the same on a silverface as it does a blackface.

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    Doesn't matter which speaker.
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      I'd just use pedals to get my drive at low volumes, or you may want to have a master volume installed.
      Putting a low efficiency low SPL speaker in there will also do the trick.


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        I'm not sure if the '73 Twin has the pull-out Master Volume switch or not. If it does, you can unplug the reverb springs to get a bit more gain in the Vibrato channel with the Master Volume pulled out. This, combined with pulling two of the power tubes and a Les Paul driving it, can take the amp's overdrive into useful territory.

        A strat is still going to need some help with that amp but a clean boost or a compressor will work quite nicely with it as well as your favourite overdrive pedal.

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          Hi SG3,

          I have been using a blackface twin for 0ver 25 years now, without too much trouble in a small space. I have to admit I'd usually use a smaller amp for home practice- the Mustang III works GREAT for that.

          But now that you have a twin, we should use it right? The thing I love about my twin is that I can use it with any pedal, preamp or modeller, and it makes everything shine. Even a metalzone can have usable tone with a

          If you just want drive or distortion, a stompbox will serve you well. I liek the ones that have dual functions like a drive and boost button. Basically you could turn it into a 3 channel amp easily. Great cleans and essentially custom made distortions. Something like this :

          a little pricey, so maybe this?

          at home, I lower the pedal volume and raise the amp volume- somewhat like a power soak. Playing out, you can gradually raise pedal volume- then do amp volume to taste or prudence.

          I wouldn't really recommend taking out tubes or speakers. Essentially that is what something like a JSX does. but it is by design. You have a big amp- it likes BEING big. With a pedal and discernment it's doable.

          I have the twin for playing out or when I can be loud, and the Mustang III for lower level playing. Perfect.


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            LOL sorry about the big pic....maybe I can find a smaller one. lol.