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Kustom '36 and '72 Coupes

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  • Kustom '36 and '72 Coupes

    Anybody had a chance to try out the new Kustom Tube amps? Comments?
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    I have had the pleasure over the years to know a tube amp guru named James Brown, who designed the new Kustom amps. We recently got together, and I got to try out the '36 Coupe, so I will give you the scoop.

    The '36 is an all tube combo amp. It was had some really cool features, a few which will solidify my decision to find one of these when they become available. The input had a feature that I believe was called "bright". What it did was make the amp have that cool treble Marshall sound, or the low end Fender thing. It was not a traditional bright switch, much more useful. I personally would probably leave the amp in that bright mode all the time, because it was just a killer sound. The non bright input was perfect for that jazz and blues beefy low end, and would probably be perfect for metal also.

    The clean channel had a master volume, which allowed the amp to be clean, or dial in that tube amp on six sound. A real even tube overdrive, like Brent Mason's clean sound, which is a bit driven. Like a deluxe cranked- not distorted but close.

    The overdrive channels were also very versatile. You could overdrive it about where the clean master volume left off, or crank all the way to hard rock stuff. My taste leans to blues, jazz and classic rock, and the overdive channel was capable of getting just about any thing I could think of, from Stevie Ray, to Danny Gatton. James made me try the really heavy sound too, and it was dead on.

    The reverb had a tweak knob that allowed you to really shape the sound of it. Very cool. There is also a boost switch, which kicks the amp up a notch for the solos. Very musical boost, it didnt change the tone, just jumps it out front for cutting through on the band stand.
    I love the amp, and will be looking for a street date to buy my own.


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      Nice write up Joel.

      They look like they will take a Mack bulldog hood ornament well.

      Seriously, I will check back to the website for clips sometime.
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        bump. anyone else tried one?


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          I haven't tried one yet, as I play bass in my current band, however, I know that Peaveys loss was Kustoms gain when James went over to Kustom. He's the man.


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            how about prices. where can I find prices?


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              The Kustom 36 Coupes started shipping in quantities last week.....so you should be able to find them. Retail is $899 and street price looks to be about $630 including footswitch. There's a review on Harmony Central already at:


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                Man, people be comin' out the woodwork!!!
                If you are so sure that I am crazy, why do I get to wear the magic pants?


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                  Well this thread certainly seems suspicious!!!
                  A note for company employees: try to be a little more convincing when plugging your amps on forums... the 1-post member thing isn't very convincing.


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                    Originally posted by blargh
                    Well this thread certainly seems suspicious!!!
                    A note for company employees: try to be a little more convincing when plugging your amps on forums... the 1-post member thing isn't very convincing.

                    If you are so sure that I am crazy, why do I get to wear the magic pants?


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                      ....Joel and I were answering questions that nobody else could answer at the time, and he was pretty clear about having an "in". He's not an employee, but is a close friend, and he was pretty excited about the amp. So am I.

                      .....check one out yourself to see if you agree. That's the true test, right?


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                        I guess it would look like I was plugging for the man, but I can assure you I do not work for Kustom.

                        I do have a guitar album available on itunes, msn music, and cd baby, called Guitarland. Feel free to download it illegally, just check it out.

                        I have known James for twenty years, from before I even had an amp, and I have owned a couple of his amps over the years. ( my first amp was a Triumph 120, and I toured with a Classic 50 for five or six years ) The last few years my amp has been a Fender DeVille. I also own a Marshall JCM800.

                        But, I have not been happy with my tone in quite a while. Enter James, who allowed me to check out his new design. I tried it with various guitars, including a variax, and it is truly awesome.

                        I don't know if you have priced a boutique amp lately, but as a working musician, I have never been able to drop multiple thousands on gear, and the coupe has more features than the boutique amps I have played, and frankly as much or more tone than the amps I have tried. But I am with James on one thing, do not take my word for it, check the amp out.

                        Thanks for the time, and happy picking!


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                          One of the local shops around here got one of the 36 Coupes last week. Someone was playing on the amp and it sounded like it has some gain for a small combo as the guy playing had the D dropped and was playing Elmer Fudd riffs. It sounded pretty good.

                          The two things that caught my eye was that it had an XLR out and a handle that looked like it would not last.


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                            Anyone try the '72 version?

                            It has tremolo AS WELL AS true pitch vibrato. I'd like to know how the vibrato compares to a magnatone or juke amp.