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Carcass drumtrack inside


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  • Carcass drumtrack inside

    Ta da!

    This Mortal Coil

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    I thought you guys liked Carcass, and I thought you guys liked drum tracks?! Here it is with guitars thrown in:
    This Mortal Boil on my Ass


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      THanks dude, I've got life-ruining exams for the next 3 weeks but then its recording time! Your take sounds very ****************ing good and ive only got one working speaker!
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        Cool drum track. What'd you use?
        Originally posted by Japetus
        Here will be the bet. By Aug 28th, 2007, Caparison Guitars will have signifigantly reduced in used value. If they have not, I will buy you the new copy of Madden 08, which will be coming out by then.

        Originally posted by Megadeth7684
        That's a weak bet. I'll put my whole ****************ing rig on the line. The "signifigant" price drop has to be the $500-600 that you keep saying they're going to be selling for.


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          Thanks, porph! Good luck on those exams. You missed out on the harmonies with only one speaker!
          Thanks, Inearthed! I used DKFH "inferior". I want to get Superior, but I sequence stuff with an MPC, not with a computer. I'll probably get Superior for the wave files, then build my own kits anyways like I did with inferior.


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            I'm gonna check it out. I need a metal drum track...gonna do a clip this weekend, since the 'cane is coming. Thanks and stand by.


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              Holy crap, that one with the guitars I did really sounds like ****************.

              Here it is again with a better tone, although too fuzzy and muddy, so this was yet another wake up call for me to change things around for better tone. When I'm ****************in 95 yrs old, I get that thing down called my tone. I put in the lead too, but don't laugh, it's sloppy.
              This Bursting Mortal Boil on my ass


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                bump for the last thread in the forum. (page 4,000+)
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