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    JMP-1 has four channels, although I'm not sure how different they are.

    Mesa Mark IV?

    TSL60 has three channels too, doesn't it?

    Edit, Oh, reread the post. I guess the IV and the TSL don't fit the bill, but the JMP does.
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      Originally posted by Stratotone
      Gmajor has two switching jacks, so you won't have to have midi. If you did need midi, I'd go for an egnater TOL 100 - four channel, all tube head. shared eq on two pairs of channels, but still an awesome amp. Or a JSX, Mesa dual recto 3 channel too. Lots of other options too.


      G Major only has one switching jack, but two relays. You need a Y cable to make it work to its full potential with the recto.


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        I would have said a Diezel, but it would probably be out of your price range. I just know it's out of mine too!


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          Don't get the Mesa Mark IV, channel 1 and 2 share the bass and mid EQ knobs. They're too hard to tweak. I will never sell mine because it took so long to tweak so now I HAVE to keep it.

          Now for the XXX and JSX suggestions? I dig the JSX... great cleans and great crunch stuff. Any amp with a good clean channel and a great gain channel is versatile in my book. Sometimes versatile is code for lots of gadgets or get a G Major.
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            Originally posted by H
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              Peavey JSX or XXX get my vote.
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                Originally posted by H
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                  Originally posted by nrarocks

                  I wouldn't call any of these replies useless. In fact, I think you've gotten some very helpful replies. You need to try some different amps out, because you will not like the same thing as other people.

                  Of course there's good replies too, but many suggest gear that I IMO have made very clear in my first post I don't want.

                  One big deal is my budget. I have thought, that I'd raise it and then think again.


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                    The H&K Triamp sounds like it might fit the bill, although I'm not sure about the channel-switching, you'd have to check the manual.

                    Mesa/Boogie Mob, biatches!!!


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                        Now, I really don't need high gain amp for ultimate heavy stuff. I have tested Framus amps, and thery're just high gain. I have also tested Peavey XXX and the clean sounds were like "screech" (=bad), and as far as I know, the JSX is based on XXX.

                        Maybe I should raise my budget.

                        Have anyone tried Crate Amps? The controls seem great, I just wonder, is it just another high gain amp, or is it capable to deliver VERY GOOD CLEAN SOUNDS too? And that little crunch?
                        It has too much power for me (150w) but the power section uses six tubes, so it wouldn't be difficult to make it little less powerful.


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                          I don't think Framus is only high gain, I haven't played the Dragon, but my Cobra has one of the best clean channels I have played, and does a great crunch sound least to my ears.


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                            You should raise your budget as you can not get a proper new 3-channel head AND a new cab for under 1,500 Euros. 2,000 Euros may do the trick. You should try out a JSX. The clean is from the Classic series not the XXX and is VERY good. I've never played a Crate that I would buy (except maybe a powerblock for backup/travel purposes).
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                              Originally posted by H
                              SPAM SIG:

                              Jackson JX3 Stereo tube preamp. Two channels with a footsiwtchable 'shred' boost. $149 plus ship. Uses 2 12ax7s and does 80s guitar tones well.


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                                Originally posted by Stratotone

                                Some of us don't have euro-calculators available. Here's a terrific idea - why don't you go try out amps in person? Or are you rude to people who try to help you in music stores too?


                                Oh, geez! Now YOU'RE trying to offend me on purpose. Don't take that post too personally!
                                One thing I don't like these forums that you never can know if that guy really is joking or pissed off...

                                It's more easier in music store if you know what you want when you walk in. Believe me, I worked short time in music store, and it can sometimes be very frustrating for the seller if the customer has no idea of what he/she wants. I just have to find an amp that has the specs I want so that I can ask staight from the seller do they have that amp and if I can test it. I have a very clear idea of what I want, and I just got frustrated when people suggested things I thought I made clear I really don't want.

                                Btw. 1 euro = approximately 1.2 dollars. Or if it's too hard you can just think it as 1:1. It's general knoledge - or so we Europeans think .


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