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Amp Forum Rules/Guidelines/Info/Cool Links (READ BEFORE POSTING TO SAVE A BAN PLEASE)


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  • Amp Forum Rules/Guidelines/Info/Cool Links (READ BEFORE POSTING TO SAVE A BAN PLEASE)

    Hello all, in an effort to remove some of the stickies here on the amp forum, catphish and I decided to combine some of them all in one easy to find location. We will of course sticky anything important that is new and that you guys need to see.

    In this thread you will find the following:

      Now, on with the forum rules...
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    First and foremost, here is a big one... not adhering to this will result in an instant ban.

    ZERO TOLERANCE: racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm against any group

    Any threads or comments that promote racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual will result in an immediate banning.
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      There are some forum rules that aren't listed in the users agreement. We're going to outline these here. Complaints and suggestions should still be sent to HC Admin, which can be done by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

      1. Pornographic material and offensive photos

      No pornographic material is allowed to be displayed on the forum. This includes nude or semi-nude photos, file attachments or links to external websites. This ALSO includes "Safe For Work" Porn, as there is no such thing. Finally, pictures of people puking, defecating or other gross bodily functions are not allowed. This also includes pictures of feces, puke, corpses, mutilated bodies (human/animal) etc. Unfortunately, this has to be written out for some people. You can use the following as a guideline for "is this porn?":
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        Once again, I am forced to make a rule which legislates what should be common sense. Last night we once again were attacked by a few children (one can only assume, or emotionally stunted adults) wielding the all mighty power of the "pr0n bomb".

        This is not surprising; there is a lot of butt hurt on the internet to go around.

        What also, sadly, was not surprising, was the 32 pages of regular forumites encouraging/egging/(and in some cases) daring them to post more/worse porn.

        I say this was not surprising because we have been aware of, for a while, a genuine effort to keep these attacks "hidden". While I was hoping common sense and maturity would take the reins, it seems the post 11 PM crowd in here has little of both.

        Therefore, going forward, anyone who responds to a porn attack or brings attention to them in any way, besides reporting them or sending myself, CP, or another mod or admin a PM, will face a temp ban. Multiple infractions will result in a perma ban.

        In short, if you see a porn attack/post, do not acknowledge it , AT ALL, even with a "IBTB" or anything else, save to report it. YOU WILL BE GIVEN TIME OFF.

        We are at our limits with this issue.
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