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    Hiya all

    I'm running windows 7 pro x64 and I got the Half Life Orange Box on the way to me.

    My PC is set up perfectly for my music apps, Cubase 5 Studio, Reason, Superior Drummer.

    I've heard the horror stories of using Steam so never used it. But apparently, even if you have a DVD version of Orange Box, you still need Steam. So in reality, does Steam **************** up anything badly? Or does it sit quietly in the background?

    Think I'll make a full backup first though - just in case. Just wondered if anyone had any experience.
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    Funny, i did just install that game last week, and so far have not discovered any adverse effects on other software.
    But i run a veeeery old OS (2K) and old software - so this might not translate to your system.

    And apart from the obvious that i don't like to have to connect to the net to search for "updates" before getting a singleplayer game up and running i have had no problems with the steam thing.
    And no problems with the connection to steam - sometimes being a really late adopter has its advantages
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      You can quit steam at any time, and it doesn't have to start up with windows.

      But aside from that, even if you left it running, the only problem i could foresee is it eating up memory (fairly noticeable footprint), and possibly sucking bandwidth during updates (which would also take some memory and cpu time away from your DAW/whatever).

      So basically, shouldn't screw up anything if it's on, just maybe take up some processing that would ordinarily be open - and you can always turn it off.
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        I've just installed windows 7 and funnily just loaded HL2


        steam is fine, no need to worry,. I did have an issue with loading episode 2 , got all mixed up with how to activate it/load it up, but clicked something and it worked
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