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  • 6505+ issue

    I've had a 6505+ for about 3 years and I'm having some issues with it now. I'm not very literate when it comes to amps, so please bare with me.

    After about 30 minutes of play my amp was producing a high pitched squeel so I decided to take it to the shop, I was told two tubes were changed. They didn't tell me what kind of tubes were put in and what which two were changed.

    Now when I'm playing the amp I get the same squeel if I turn the presence up past 8 AND if I play for 30 minutes or more my tone changes as a whole. I had a nice tight high tone and it completely flips to a low muddy sound that I despise.

    Any ideas what I'm dealing with?

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      I'm guessing, based on the info that you've provided, that you've never changed the tubes.

      Now would be a good time to do so.
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        based on the described operational characteristics of your amplifier, this most definitley sounds like a tube related issue....
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          Don't listen to these's clearly a tube issue.
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            Everyone so far is crazy. They keep saying it's a tube issue. Clearly, not. Instead, it's an issue with the tubes.
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              Doesn't really sound like a tube issue to me. Try replacing your thermionic valves.
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                Everyone so far is crazy. They keep saying it's a tube issue. Clearly, not. Instead, it's an issue with the tubes.

                Wrong again. It's the tubez. COME ON!!!oke:
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