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    Hey guys, so basically at the moment i have a marshall tsl 602. I'm constantly had problems with it, and it goes in and out of the shop quite a lot. The latest problem is something wrong with the sound (doi, lol). The power switch goes on fine, but when pressing the standby switch, there is pop. there is then a low hum coming from the amp. when playing, it sounds very muddy and very undefined, nowhere near as good as it normally does. Does this sound like a problem with the valves? or is it a little bit deeper than that?

    whatever happens, i'm gonna get it fixed and then sell it probably, so any suggestions for a new amp for between

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    if you're looking for similar flexibility but better reliability and higher quality tones then its worth checking out the Laney VC50, its a monster of a combo that'll do pretty much any style of music.

    I've only ever owned two TSL's, one was the 100w head and i had the 601 combo too, they were both always on the repair desk and compared to other amps of similar value they didnt sound amazing.
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      There are so many choices these days that are awesome in that range. Blackstar jet city laney mesa engl you name it especially used. Happy hunting.
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        Thanks guys, i've heard nothing but good things about laney. what do you think about their lionheart range? i don't need huge amounts of gain (i know, wth am i doing with a tsl).
        Also looking at the marshall haze and ma series, what are they like?

        given the bad experiences i've had buying used, i rather buy new.