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Acoustic-Electric for around 500-750


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  • Acoustic-Electric for around 500-750

    I'd ask this in the acoustic forum but I'm sure it has been asked lots and searching isn't very quick on my blackberry. I also like you guys more. I've played mostly electric for the better part of ten years having never owned my own acoustic but lately I've been requested to play a lot more acoustic so it's time to invest. I have a few gift cards for the local music shop from christmas and my birthdat still, however their selection isn't great so I'll prob have to stick to the more well known brands. Now I know almost next to nothing about acoustic guitars so if you guys could point me in the right direction and things to look for that would be great. Something around 500-750. I'll be playing mostly country and church music with it. Thanks fellas.
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    If you're buying new Taylor and Takamine make some decent-good stuff in that price range.
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      Used Taylor 100



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          I've been really impressed with the cheaper Taylors. The new PRS SE Angelus has certainly peaked my interest, but I have yet to play one.

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            I recently picked up a Martin 000 that rules. Slightly smaller body though and you may be thrown by that. Definitely worth checking out though