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mesa boogie help

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  • mesa boogie help


    I recently got myself a mesa boogie duel rectifier (2 channel old version and its American) I love the amp and it sounds great but I didn

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    Same thing here but the footswitch works for me. I'll go look at the back panel and see what it says.

    EDIT: The back panel says the channel selector switch has to be set to the Orange channel if you use an external switch. Are you plugging into the external Channel jack on the back?
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      Thanks for the reply. Yeah I read that on the back so I have it set on the orange channel. Yeah I


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        I used a 2-channel rectifier with a FS5-L with no issues.


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          did you check the switch iteslf on other device just to make sure it's working?

          I don't know that switch.. is it passive or does it need a 9v? (I think I have one in a box.. not sure.. but the one I have is powered...)

          Not that you wouldn't have checked that already... cuz that would be funny!
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            I think that is the switch I have for my 2-Channel Triple....
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              Just about any A/B switch should work as long as it's plugged into the external switching jack and the Channel selector switch is set to the Orange channel.

              Just as the other posts have listed. If the switch uses a 9v battery, install a new battery and try the switch with another 2 channel amp, just to make sure the switch isn't defective.

              Another idea is to grab a q-tip and clean the jacks themselves to make sure they are in working order.
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                Does the fs have a momentary/latching switch on it? Are you using a trs cable?
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                  Quote Originally Posted by Shask
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                  I think that is the switch I have for my 2-Channel Triple....

                  I played with this tonight, and the FS-5L IS the switch I have. I just plugged it into the jack in the front with a normal guitar cable and it worked right away. (I normally dont use it, but I thought I would check because of this thread). The amp was set to the orange channel.

                  Yes, make sure it has a battery in it. The red light should light up on the pedal when you switch it. You should also play with the polarity switch until it works....
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                  Marshall 2203 Clone
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