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I Think I'm Gonna Trade My Laney AOR Combo For This


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  • I Think I'm Gonna Trade My Laney AOR Combo For This

    I have a G&L ASAT, but it doesn't have the Tele spank. I'll be trying this tomorrow to see if it does. Never had a yellow guitar

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    DON'T DO IT!
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      I understand wanting a 'fresh' guitar...but don't trade the AOR for it. Maybe its just my personal bias, but i'd love to have your srsly
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        Yeah, I love teles and I wouldn't do that trade, but hey, if when you try it out, it screams "YOU WANT ME." eh, can't argue with that I suppose.

        Isn't the AOR like a 30 or 50 watt amp? Dude is looking for a low wattage tube amp. Though, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't turn down the AOR...
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