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JCM 800 model 2000?


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  • JCM 800 model 2000?

    250w before distortion? Is this just an old PA head?

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    I've heard of these before..but no one ever mentions how it sounds. Doubt many people have really played one
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      Back in the early days of CL, I found one of these in Scranton, PA for $500. Since I was gonna be driving right through there, I made arrangements with the seller to try it out.

      The description in the link is accurate. Dual channel amp -- Channel A was a NMV model (4 band EQ + volume). Channel B had a MV and Gain control, and a "sweepable mids" control. You could play through either/or channel, or there was an input to combine the two channels together (think internal channel strapping).

      As you might suspect, it was UNGODLY loud!!!

      Definitely a unique piece. Not many were made in the 1980s ... but from my test run, this was far from an amp that was "useable" in any way, shape or form. Even the MV channel, on "1", was ear-splittingly loud.

      IIRC, the original JCM 800 catalog that featured this amp (this is the guitar version -- there was a bass model as well) cited that the amp was designed in conjunction with Malcolm Young for their high-volume stage requirements. I don't doubt it, since Mal is currently using 200wt and 400wt custom Wizard amps. That claim is highly plausible.

      The amp itself has that classic JCM 800 sound. Just like a really super loud version of it.

      MOAR INFO:

      In short: if you need to rearrange furniture in your house, or get your rocks off on sterilizing small children, this amp is for you!!