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So my friend asked me to do leads on his song. Please listen! and comment


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  • So my friend asked me to do leads on his song. Please listen! and comment

    Well I didn't write the song! :robottongue: Just practcing being professional and getting hired to play some parts. An old friend, plus I get experience playing and recording. Did my tracks over the top of a rough mixdown, then I just did a Cubase export with no fx nor any real mix. This is hot off the mics, ZERO processing and not even mixed. So...please comment crtical or even heckling.




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    It sounds okay in some spots but in others it sounds like you are playing in a different key. The lead is good but doesn't fit the song.

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      hey dude I hear ya loud and clear. I've had that comment recently, crap, almost 30 years of playing, I had that said to me like 4 times, twice in the last two weeks. WTH??!!!?!?!


      The song, er, pretty sure, is in Dmin7. So I try to root around the D min. I do hear a few....interesting? notes. But I cant but my finger on it and these are the best takes I got after several tries. I was thinking that a lot of perceived issues are just not being in the mix correctly...but...I could be very wrong.


      If you or anyone has something more specific, like where and what wrong notes those are....I m all ears and welcome the advice!

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    First off, I like the blues style of this tune. Next, I think your playing caught the groove of this song rather well in timing/expression and so on. That said, there were a couple of "flyers" note wise. Sounded like you slipped out of minor and into major. It's something I catch myself doing now and again. Feelin' too much groove and muscle memory sort of slips into the driver's seat until I realize what happened.

    Since this is a rough mix I see no need to comment on that. What you posted on soundcloud was more than adequate to give the sense of the song.

    The singer was fine but about 1/3 of the way into the song something changed like he backed off of the mic a bit or someone tweaked the eq on the mixer as his voice lost that bassy sound (proximity effect?) and lightened up giving a sense of clarity and more of an actual representation of his voice.

    I really think your on the money for what you added to the song. Just a couple of minor details to sort out. Maybe do a punch-in.

    Just as a tonal suggestion I would suggest just a slight bump in the treble to set apart your tone from the rhythm player tone then maybe a light touch of reverb to increase your apparent "space or size" in the piece.

    All in all a damned fine contribution to the song.

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      Thanks alton for responding.


      Yes....I also detected a couple...shall we say...experimental? :catlol: notes. Not that I'm playing "out of key" just a couple notes that maybe didn't get bent up?


      Yes, I told my firend that this roughmix is notvery good and in fact very difficult to play to. The drums and vocals are very loud, and the crucial bass and rhythm guitars can;t be locked on to. It was very challenging to grab that blues vibe yet make it kick ass like the song tries to...and yet make sure I'm locked into the rythm section tonally.


      I did indeed try to "catch the groove" rather than just play over the top. Thanks for you critique. I think you were both encouraging as well as instructional. That's something few people are good at. Much appreciated!