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Peavey XXL Head vs Peavey Transtube 100 EFX Head *comparison*


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  • Peavey XXL Head vs Peavey Transtube 100 EFX Head *comparison*

    For those who were interested I got the Transtube 100 EFX and did a little comparison with the XXL.

    -100 EFX is overall a little darker sounding than the XXL.

    -100 EFX also has a lot more bass which is a good thing because the XXL doesn't have a whole ton. The bass sounds good and tight.

    -XXL has a little more gain. The gain is nice for low volumes but both amps you will turn the gain down as you turn up the volume. They both sound better louder.

    -XXL has more of a "sizzle" to its highs. I think its also due to a little extra gain. Its not an annoying sizzle, I think it sounds good.

    -On the XXL you can easily max out the Lows. On the EFX 100 you can easily max out the Highs.

    -100 EFX effects are great. Very simple and quick to use. This is the reason I bought the amp. Good quality and perfectly happy with them.

    Overall they both have a similar Peavey sound. The heaviest channel on the 100 EFX is lead channel, high gain. This is most similar to the XXL lead channel, high gain (who woulda thought?). The XXL has a another whole 3rd "Ultra" channel, which sounds good at bedroom levels, but any experienced XXL player knows the heaviest, clearest, with a drummer, chugging and best channel on the amp is the Lead, High Gain.

    Both clean channels are good. I prefer the Vintage setting on both. Again, the EFX 100's channel is a little darker than the XXL's channel, which could be considered a little bright in general.
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      Found this through a google search. Just bought a Transtube 100 EFX and have owned two XXL heads previously. I agree with the comparison. My first amp ever was a Rage 158, and I liked the dark sort of tone because it was different than all my friend's Marshall amps. Found that tone again and then some with the 100 EFX. This thing can get LOUD. Bedroom volumes are barely at one.

      Found it cheap and intend to use it as a backup, but it might be great for smaller gigs.