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  • Buying out of disgust

    Anyone ever buy something from Craigslist or any other local classified website, because you've seen it for so long on there? Not talking of an expensive piece of gear. I'm talk about a really odd piece of gear that is so cheap and weird, that you bought it, literally just so the ad could be deleted and never have to see it again? And either smashing or disposing of the item in timely fashion?


    "I bet Jaymz Hetfield gives out a loud bellowing "OH YEAH!!!" when he takes poo".

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    No..but you are funny!



    Wish we could take the karoake wanna be rocks stars off.


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      Wasn't trying to be funny at all SuperCop. Just thought I'd ask if anyone else had a particular item that they always see on their local classifieds that totally disgust them, that they have seen for year or more, that has yet sold.


      Glad to see there are a few people who still reply to a non cereal post, and give auto bash/flame replies

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    No.  Definitely not my M.O.  I'd have to want something pretty badly, to part with my benjamins.