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Spam Thread 7/15/13

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  • Spam Thread 7/15/13

    New work week... yay!

    I had a signature once...

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    Hey Everyone.

    Here's what I have for sale <<a link<<


    Peters Custom Slave, 100 Watt Power Amplifier

    Peters Hydra Pre Amp, not current model, older warmer model

    Peters Mod Boss OD3, Decimator noise gate, chords, extra tubes and some goodies like an MEG81

    Pictures are in the link above, as loading them here makes them monsterous.

    Thanks everyone, if you are interested, please send me an email via the link or a PM on here ':{D




    • drucifer
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      Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier series 2

      Effects loop has been modified for series operation, can be reversed if buyer prefers parallel.

      $850, includes shipping/insurance/paypal to locations within the contiguous United States


       photo 20130718_073245_zps7a3b125a.jpg photo 20130718_073232_zps5bc2b5bc.jpg photo 20130718_073145_zpsa063dc51.jpg photo 20130718_073202_zpsb6d97830.jpg