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In need of some tube amp guidance! Share some knowledge!

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  • In need of some tube amp guidance! Share some knowledge!

    Hey! Well, originally I was saving up for a Fender Super Champ XD, but just as I had the money for one, they stopped selling them. So, as luck would have it I'm looking for another amp that's just as versatile, and relatively the same price ($300 or so).


    At 2:10-2:20, this is actually the main tone I want, but I'm new and plan to play in all styles so the versatility of this amp is a must, for its price I can't find a better amp, if anyone knows one that can, or anywhere - aside from e-bay - that this specific amp can be purchased from please let me know! Thanks ahead of time, these forums have helped me out so much over the past few months, and I appreciate it so very much, best site online!

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    Ive played this amp before... IMO, it wasnt anything that special to be honest with you..It had some cool blues tones in it.. As far as the tone at the 2:10 mark, I was expecting much more.. lol.. thats a very basic no frills clean tone... If your interested, I have an original 1966 fender champ (blackface) that Id consider selling.. thats the real deal fender champ tone...


    • thom
      thom commented
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      Can't really knock what I haven't tried, but I've never been too impressed by the clips and live action I heard from a champ xd. For the money there's a whole lot of really though competition out there imo.

      But that wasn't your question, if the champ xd is what you're set on, just buy a used one and spend the rest of your money on beer. I'm sure it's a good amp, no matter what I or anyone else tells ya. But there's very little risk in buying used, especially if you can take someone with you who's got a little experience with tube amps.

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    So what would you recommend for achieving that tone?


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      My price range, is max 400, for an amp anyway lol.


      • thecakeguru
        thecakeguru commented
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        Tube or solid state? Your not going to get a whole lot of tube amps for this price range.. not gonna happen.. If your just after a really good clean tone, the fender frontman 212, is really nice

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      Any thoughts on a line 6 mkii?


      • VTEC_Dreams
        VTEC_Dreams commented
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        Your budget, for what you need--I'm assuming bedroom volume stuff, because that Fender is a little bugger--Yamaha's new little lunchbox amp, the THR, is going to be the bees knees.

        Either that or a Roland Cube.

        I like the Cube better personally, but that's because I'm a Roland nerd-o, and because you can get a Cube that's actually usable outside of the bedroom. They make a *ton* of different sizes and models of the Cube. The Yamaha is a great little amp, though.

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      I need the amp to be both bedroom quality, and giggable. That's why I was curious about the mkii


      • VTEC_Dreams
        VTEC_Dreams commented
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        I've never used a Line6 product I liked, to be honest. A lot of folks swear by them--especially the Pod series--but I think they're stale sounding, generally speaking.

        The Cube does the same thing any Line 6 product will do, but it's made by one of the most reputable and thorough companies on the planet.

        Get a Cube 60/80XL and you'll have an amp that sounds great at bedroom volumes and can still cut timber live if need be.

        I see tons of them used for dirt cheap, too.