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  • Need Amp Recommendation

    So, I am sure similar cows have been flogged but the search bar didn't yield anything.

    I recently got back to playing with other peoples and my apartment rig isn't cutting it. I am looking for affordable amps suggestions in the ~20-50w range to play stuff in the blues to hard rock range with some heavier interlude. It basically need to sound decent and keep up with a drummer. Budget around 1k$ (CAN) but the cheaper the better.

    I currently use a Strat and a PRS CE24, along with a TS9 and a Crybaby. The other guitarist is playing through a Mesa Mark I. Any suggestions?

    Guitars: Fender Strat, PRS CE-24, Yamaha F340
    Amp: Fender Frontman 25
    Stuff: Crybaby, TS-9, POD

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    How about a Traynor? YCV 50 Blue might work, depending on your definition of "metal". With the TS9 might be doable!



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    • thom
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      The OP actually didn't mension "metal" at all...;p

      So in that case, I'd say a PV Classic 30 and that TS9 would make a pretty versatile rig for a relatively small price. Or maybe a Fender Blues deluxe, which I guess is kinda sorta a rich man's C30, or a poor man's bassman

      Or another flavor of cleans that's imo still often overrated when it comes to dirty tones: AC15 or AC30, depending on how loud your band is and how much clean headroom you want, etc...The 'inbetween' alernative would be the AC15 C2, which is what I'm lusting for at the moment.


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    Egnater Rebel 30 or Renegade.. Awesome amps... 


    • Zbingu
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      I got to try a Traynor YCS50 1x12 combo. Very nice amp, will snag one (or the head and cab version) if I find one used. Runner up are Classic 30 and DSL40. Any settings I should try (with a Strat) on those amps?