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  • 1 Midi Pedal 2 Effects processors

    First post here. 

    I have two effects processors (TC Electronic Fireworx and Roland GP-100) and only one midi pedal (Roland FC-200). Is it possible to have the one midi pedal send preset changes to both of the processors? Maybe somehow one at a time? I would like to be able to change patches on the TC Electronic, play some stuff then change presets on the Roland.

    I have an A/B box in place already so that I can send my guitar to one and then the other and that already is great but I want to be able to change patches without having to get a second pedal. 

    I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to midi set up, settings, etc. 

    Does anyone have a solution? 

    Thank you

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    I don't believe that the FC-200 can send independent messages on two different MIDI channels, which is what you'd need to do.

    If you can swap the FC-200 for an FC-300, the latter has a "patch mode" that can be programmed to do what you said you want to do.
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      Thank you! I will look into getting an FC-300. Cheers!

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    The FC-200 sends only a single PC message at a time, so what you could do is have both processors set to the same MIDI channel, have the FC-200 connect to the MIDI IN of the first processor, then connect a cable from the MIDI Thru of that processor to the MIDI In of the second processor.

    In this setup, your FC-200 will send the same preset change message to both devices. You could just program certain patches that get called up to be muted/bypasses/etc. if you only want to use one processor at a time.

    For discrete control of each device, the hookup is the same, but a more advanced MIDI foot controller could send PC messages to each processor independently on their own MIDI channels.


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