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    Scott Kahn is a professional guitar player and keyboard player. He co-founded the popular melodic progressive rock band, Days Before Tomorrow as one of its guitar players, and is presently the founder and keyboard player for Dream Eternal Bliss, an indie band that combines '80s new wave influences with melodic prog rock. Outside of this, Scott is available for studio or touring work, and he is the founder/owner of MusicPlayers.com and MusicianFinder.com, two popular resources for musicians.


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    Wyckoff, NJ


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    Editor in Chief of MusicPlayers.com, founder of MusicianFinder.com

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  1. This is "Loud," the first single from the new Dream Eternal Bliss record, Picture Glass. I hope you enjoy!
  2. I'm lucky... I get to review pro audio gear daily in my job at MusicPlayers.com. And we recently came upon this incredible gear that makes everything in the studio sound better, whether tracking, mixing, or even mastering! It's really like the holy grail, and we installed these in a few of our studios as a result. Check out my in-depth review and see what you think ;-) https://musicplayers.com/2018/04/funk-logic-3p-iii-palindrometer/
  3. Here's a tutorial I wrote a while back all about In-Ear Monitoring Systems (IEMs) and Personal Monitoring Systems (PMS). Two halves of the pie, as you can't use one without the other: http://musicplayers.com/2011/07/01/in-ear-monitoring-101/
  4. Most (but not all) audio loopers enable you to place some of the pedals in front of your amp, and some in the effects loop. A rare few, like the BOSS ES-8. for example, or the Switchblade from Sound Sculpture, let you program on the fly whether or not certain loops are in front of the amp or in the effects loop, so you could have your compressor pedal sometimes in front of the amp, and on other patches/presets, have it in the effects loop for example. But most loopers are just all in front of the amp, or all in the effects loop. Here are some reviews of popular audio loopers, which should help explain to you how they are utilized: http://musicplayers.com/2016/08/09/boss-es-8-effects-switching-system/ http://musicplayers.com/2015/08/15/rjm-music-technology-mastermind-pbc-audio-loop-switcher/ http://musicplayers.com/2011/09/11/rocktron-patchmate-loop-8-floor/ I explain a lot about audio loopers/function switchers in my book, Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps & Effects. I have a whole chapter about these products -- how to use, and a brief review of many of the products on the market. Hope this helps a bit! Scott
  5. My favorite for multiple guitars: http://diamondlifegear.com/guitar_hanger_mx.html
  6. Thanks DeepEnd! That interlude was the prog rock side of us trying to sneak out :-). I was actually trying to capture something of an Adele vibe in there to contrast with the rest of the song.
  7. I find the Roland Cloud products better suited to pro work. It's too kludgy to incorporate products that use wall warts, are not rack mountable, and have 1/8" audio jacks. But running the Roland classic synths from their Cloud software on a laptop incorporated into the pro rig works extremely well.
  8. Somewhere between '80s new wave, modern rock, and progressive rock, you'll find my band, Dream Eternal Bliss. In this lineup, I play keyboards, while the incredible guitar work is courtesy of Derek Davodowich. Our new single is called "Bad Blood," the first song you'll hear on our ReverbNation page. Let me know how you like it!
  9. I have to say... the guitar feels better to me than the last time I played a MIJ Jem guitar... seemed more solidly put together. As for the tone, it's very Strat-like, but with humbuckers, of course. The feel isn't right for me, personally, but it does sound and play great.
  10. The FC-200 sends only a single PC message at a time, so what you could do is have both processors set to the same MIDI channel, have the FC-200 connect to the MIDI IN of the first processor, then connect a cable from the MIDI Thru of that processor to the MIDI In of the second processor. In this setup, your FC-200 will send the same preset change message to both devices. You could just program certain patches that get called up to be muted/bypasses/etc. if you only want to use one processor at a time. For discrete control of each device, the hookup is the same, but a more advanced MIDI foot controller could send PC messages to each processor independently on their own MIDI channels.
  11. Sticking with the basics... you have a Marshall head. A G-Force is a great sounding multi-effects processor that should be placed in your amp's effects loop. The next step up in rig design with these products might be to build a wet/dry/wet rig. In that scenario, the effects loop Send goes into the G-Force, but instead of a mono output to your amp's effects loop Return, you take the stereo output from the G-Force and run that into a stereo tube power amp (like Mesa 2:Fifty, ENGL 850/100, etc.) and then run the output from that power amp to a pair of speaker cabinets placed on either side of your Marshall's speaker cabinet. In this setup, your dry amp tone comes out the main cab, and stereo effects on either side, hence w/d/w refers to the speaker layout. If you just run mono out of the G-Force to a power amp to a single cabinet, then you have a wet/dry rig. But these are complicated in terms of balancing sounds and volume. It's the perfect setup for recording in the studio when effects are integral to your sound/style/tone, but it's a big hassle live. If you're thinking about a full rack setup, here's a great primer I wrote on the topic a while ago: http://musicplayers.com/tutorials/guitars/2010/0510_Racks101.php I further expand on the topic in the book, Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps & Effects. Best, Scott
  12. Most professionals playing anything but very straightforward rock/metal/pop have rigs that incorporate both pedals and rack gear. Here's a feature story I wrote as a primer to rack gear -- it was further revised and expanded upon significantly in my book, Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps & Effects: http://www.musicplayers.com/tutorials/guitars/2010/0510_Racks101.php Today you can build pedalboards that are just as complex as some rack systems. For the touring artist in particular, racks make sense because it's the most secure way to move your gear without risking damage to the equipment. As for the issue of multi-fx processor vs. pedals, there are fantastic, pro quality sounding products in both categories... and there is junk in both categories as well. But there are features available in some rack gear that you just can't get out of "typical" pedals. And a MIDI foot controller enables you to avoid pedal tap dancing by switching/selecting multiple effect options and amp settings instantly. Now, you can find some limited amp switching capabilities in some pedalboard-based function switchers/audio loopers, but not as many switching capabilities as you find in some of the bigger rack gear dedicated to the task. If you have questions about this, feel free to ask or post stuff at MusicPlayers.com or Huge Racks Inc. Scott
  13. Carvin CT624: Fantastic solid body, double cutaway guitar. Exceeded our expectations (to say the least) when we spec'ed it out for review: Here's the review if you want to learn more about it: http://www.musicplayers.com/reviews/guitars/2012/0412_CarvinCT624.php And if you're more of a shred player or a progressive rock guy, or just someone needing the diversity of electric and acoustic tones, here's another great guitar to consider (though it's a bit pricier): the Music Man JPXI. Full review here: http://www.musicplayers.com/reviews/guitars/2011/1211_MusicMan_JPXI.php Scott
  14. This feature I wrote for MusicPlayers.com should explain everything you want/need to know about getting started with in-ear monitors and personal monitoring systems: http://www.musicplayers.com/tutorials/live_sound/2011/0711_InEarMonitors.php Enjoy, Scott
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