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    I designed and built the carbon-fiber-bamboo guitar. Currently, I use DiMarzio Injector pickups. On my next iteration of the prototype, I would like to experiment on hexaphonic pickups for hex processing.

    The Cycfi Six Pack Project is an ongoing Open Source Hardware project for the development of an active hexaphonic pickup system designed for hex processing. The pickup has six low impedance coils. The hex pickup is active with six differential low-noise, low-power pre-amplifiers

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    Well, I'm a huge fan of hex processing. I originally got into the Digital Les Paul specifically for the hex outs, sending the bottom three strings through octave dividers for bass, the top four through chorus, and mag pickups through distortion.

    I worked on the Gibson FBX, and it somehow gets really good separation between the six strings. But unlike the Digital Les Paul it's using a piezo, not magnetic, hex pickup.

    You might enjoy this article, which includes a lot of audio examples that use hex processing.

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      I enjoy all your articles, Craig. Actually, you are the reason why I got into electronics and then software. I've read your Put a Hex on Your Guitar, article. I have a link to it in the project page.

      Separation is indeed tricky. I'm thinking about doing it in software using some form of phase cancellation through digital signal processing.

      My goal is to have basic 6 channel ADC, plus control inputs (switches, pots and perhaps a multitouch ribbon control) in the guitar, sending the 6 channels audio plus control over to the computer for digital signal processing. Inspired by your work early on, I'd like to make this a shared DIY project for enthusiasts (Open Source Hardware).

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    How does the hexaphonic pickup compare to undersaddle Piezos? I'm able to get a passable acoustic tone from them.


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      Ultraworld, those are different beasts. Comparing them would be like comparing apples and oranges, or comparing acoustincs and electrics. Both have a place in this world.

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    Neo Series Active Polyphonic Pickups

    After a year in research and development, let me present to you the Neo Series Active Polyphonic Pickups. The Neos are very small, Neodymium-core active pickups that can be used individually or in groups. These are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications. The pickups will be available in Late March 2014.

    For details, check out these pages:

    Main page: Neo Series | Cycfi Research
    Data sheet: Neo Series Datasheet | Cycfi Research
    Sound Samples: Sculpting the Tone | Cycfi Research

    The Neos are the culmination of the Six-pack project. These are active pickups with low impedance coils and individual balanced, low-power, low-noise preamplifier for each coil.