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  • Feedback (free falling cover)

    I have played quite alot of music over the past years but singing is fairly new to me.
    Cant afford a vocal coach so feedback would be highly appretiated 
    im mostly looking for tips and tricks to improve my singing what i should focus on and so on


    sorry about the poor recording quality 
    Thanks in advance

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    Nice cover. Wish I could hear the vocals a bit better. As far as the singing goes you sound good but I noticed that you didn't seem to go for the high notes that tom petty does. I like what you did instead but wasn't sure if it was intended by choice or if you just didn't think you could hit the note?


    • DoverOs
      DoverOs commented
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      Why would you ever not want a nasal sound, that's idiotic. Pardon my language.

    • Kongra
      Kongra commented
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      This is atleast what i think is a nasal sound
      correct me if im wrong.

    • Aroidan
      Aroidan commented
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      Your voice is not nasally I would try and develop a falcetto to hit that high note. You can often fake high notes like that in falcetto.

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    nice job man!


    • ido1957
      ido1957 commented
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      Interesting take - Petty would do the same thing on a bad night. Just falsetto the high notes - would be good practice for falsetto.

    • partlycloudy
      partlycloudy commented
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      I think it sounds good, and to me you don't sound nasal at all. Just distant from the microphone, which is probably due to the mic's quality and not your singing.

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    First of all, kudos on doing the John Mayer version! Your voice has a great husky Edwin McCain feel to it...I'd be tempted to knock it up a few keys and really belt it out if it's in your range :-)


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      Really good! Would have liked to hear you a bit more! Practice the falsetto