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  • Post your new year resolutions!

    Hey guys. Haven't posted in the forums for a while. But anyway, I wanna wish you guys a happy new year and all the best! This year is the year to get things done! So post and share your new year resolutions regarding music/singing (or even in general).

    -For me, lately I haven't been working on my music as much as I want to. So I'm planning to write/record songs more often and hope to aim for at least 1-2 songs a month.

    -Also continuing to improve and work on my singing

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    My New Year Resolution is to complete a New Year Resolution.
    Originally posted by Greenoz
    i do both(chest and head), but most of the time i prefer head

    Originally Posted by SBF3000
    I prefer head, too


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      My new year's resolution is to complete my resolutions from last year.

      But most importantly, to learn piano and ukulele. Just do it everyday. If I get lucky, I'll start to teach myself guitar. Main goal is to play chords for accompaniment on each instrument. Guitar is the least important to me for me now.

      Also, to do some ear training (for relative pitch).


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        Be Happy and always laughing.


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          Several hours daily vocal practice


          • Masklin
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            Editing a comment

            I've never done resolutions actually. Why wait until the new year to improve your life?


            I feel like resolutions in themselves only brings feelings of shame to a person. If this is not the case, the person does not need resolutions - because the person does what needs doing anyway.


            No bashing intended, just ventilating my thoughts. I wish y'all good luck with your 2013 resolutions!