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    thinking about losing the notebook for a ipad on stage for lyrics, yeah i dont like it but im not 29 anymore playing 5 nights a week, im way older & playing 4-5 times a month now w/ lots more stuff in my head to remember then the words & arrangements to 60 songs. so a little glance here & there keeps me on track & not mumbling past forgotten lyrics, and now all the big stars got that teleprompter rolling too. so who out there uses one & how do you like it , is it quick to get from song to song etc. thanks

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    I use this...not bad for $2. I haven't used it on stage, but I have in band rehearsals for learning new tunes.

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      Don't apologize for having lyrics on stage. Take a bow for playing out. And yes the iPad works fine.
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        I use an app called OnSong, which is really great. Just get a clip to hold the iPad to your mic stand, and you're in business. You can even get it to scroll with an optional foot switch (or using tempo), but this stuff is too complicated for my little mind and I find there's need for scrolling.

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